Multi-Quartz Q49

Multi-Quartz Vinyl Tiles

Retro is back! By tessellating two different colours on the floor you’ll be back in the era of roller skates and drive in movies. Multi-Quartz is SABS approved, and suitable for commercial and industrial applications too. Very fine and naturally weathered quartz particles are used to reinforce and give the Multi-Quartz tiles their exceptional durability, resistance and strength. The homogeneous though marbled composition ensure that the colour and marbling do not wear through plus the inclusion of a PVC component enhances the degree of flexibility of the tile. It is also important to note that Multi-Quartz tiles are: Resistant to non-organic acids, bases and salts; Resistant to chlorinated and aromatic solvents, esters and ketones; Low static build up

  • Construction: Semi-flexible Vinyl Floor Tile
  • Surface Finish: Matt (For a high gloss finish, seal with Mf Polish)
  • 1.30mm Domestic DIY (not SABS): 1.80m² per Pack (20 Tiles) / 7.20m² per Box (4 Packets)
  • 1.30mm Domestic Bulk (not SABS): 4.50m² per Box (50 Tiles)
  • 1.60mm Light Commercial (SABS): 5.40m² per Box (60 Tiles)
  • 2.00mm Medium Contact (SABS): 4.50m² per Box (50 Tiles)
  • 2.50mm Heavy Contact (SABS): 3.60m² per Box (40 Tiles)
  • 3.20mm Heavy Contact (SABS): 2.70m² per Box (30 Tiles)

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