Stock Oak 646E

Looking for a floor that can stand up to bumps and bruises of a busy home? If so, Avellino is your answer. This range of cushion vinyl, not only comes in first place on design and style, it offers a bag full of features and benefits too. Avellino has a 0.15mm wear layer with a matt finish, which makes it not only strong and durable, but slip resistant too! It’s cushioning offers excellent sound absorption and heat and cold insulation. And, if this wasn’t enough, Avellino is also moisture resistant. Ideally suited to bathroom and kitchen applications, this cushion vinyl will look stunning anywhere in your home.

  • Construction: Cushion Vinyl
  • Surface Finish: Matt
  • Thickness: 1.90mm
  • Width: 2.00m
  • Location Grade: Residential
  • Available in: 4.57m Roompacks and 32m Rolls
  • Recommended Adhesive: Multi-flor Multi-Purpose Adhesive

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