Multi-Quartz 600 x 600mm Q49

Multi-Quartz 600 x 600mm tiles are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. Utilizing very fine and naturally weathered quartz particles enhances Multi-Quartz tiles, providing exceptional durability, resistance, and strength. The homogeneous yet marbled composition ensures that the color and marbling withstand wear, and the inclusion of a PVC component augments the tile’s flexibility. Notably, Multi-Quartz tiles exhibit resistance to non-organic acids, bases, and salts; resistance to chlorinated and aromatic solvents, esters, and ketones; as well as low static build-up.

  • Construction: Single Layer Homogeneous Compound Semi-flexible Vinyl Floor Tile
  • Size: 600 x 600mm
  • Surface Finish: Matt (For a high gloss finish, seal with Mf Polish)

Thickness & Packaging

  • 2.00mm Commercial: 5.4m² per Box (15 Tiles)
  • 2.50mm Heavy Commercial: 4.32m² per Box (12 Tiles)

NOTE: Dye lots may differ between batches


Features & Benefits

  • Resistant to non-organic acids, bases, and salts
  • Resistant to chlorinated and aromatic solvents, esters and ketones
  • Low static build-up
  • Hardwearing
  • Low maintenance


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